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Lundahl Performance Presents:

Colt Starting Secrets Jake Lundahl

Build the Ultimate Foundation With Your Horse

Watch the video below 👇

Discover the most effective colt starting approach, step-by-step with no steps skipped.

Colt Starting Secrets Jake Lundahl

Your Horse's Foundation Isn't Just "Anything"...
It's Everything.

When starting a young horse, it's important to do things right the first time.

You need a proven system on your side — an approach that keeps you safe while delivering results so good they feel like magic. 

Colt Starting Secrets does just that. This training series gives you
 the blueprint to build a rock-solid foundation with a young horse, or fix the holes on an older one.

Ride along with professional horseman Jake Lundahl and learn the exact system that's achieved powerful results with horses of all breeds and disciplines, from rescues to NRHA stars. 

You'll see raw, full-length training sessions filmed with actual client horses. Each step is shown authentically, unedited and in context. No touchy-feely fluff. No glitz and glamour. No "woo-woo" theories. This is the real deal. Follow the steps, and you will be successful. 

Here's what to expect inside this course:


 60 instructional videos

 Step-by-step daily training guide

 Groundwork fundamentals

 Hobble training

 First saddling

Checking and flagging around

 Safe and successful first rides

 Moving outside of the round pen

 Loping on a loose rein

 Introducing spurs

 Impulsion, steering and guiding exercises

 Suppling, softening and transitions exercises

 Advanced body control and moving beyond the fundamentals

 Invaluable insights, tips and tricks from an elite colt starter

Always online, stream anywhere via computer or mobile device

 Pay once for lifetime access to content (no subscriptions or other charges)


What Others Are Saying...

"You are so thorough and do a great job of explaining each exercise and what you are feeling for. I’ve found myself going back to this course multiple times and I know there’s still more I can learn from it. Thank you for putting this together, it’s truly helping me become a better horseman."

— Lisa


"Your ability to articulate each concept, allowing the reader/rider to understand, is light years ahead of other trainers. Thank you."

— Monica


"Guys…. This course is so worth it!!!! Jake is really good at explaining each step. He is a phenomenal teacher and makes it easy to learn and understand."

— TC


"I'm enjoying this so much! You're leaving no stone unturned and truly giving this colt every single opportunity to succeed [...] Way worth the price, I totally recommend it!"

— Claire


"Jake is a master of clear communication with horses. You can see that throughout the course. Regardless if you're starting colts or working with older horses, you'll level up after this course. I did."

— Janis


"Just bought it yesterday night, very happy to be able to learn from Jake. He is the best. Can’t wait to put in practice what I am learning with my gypsy!"

— Evelyne


"Jake has an amazing program. No fluff, straight into the right exercises and methods to apply that work!"

— Tammy


"I bought this series and used the groundwork exercises to train my weanlings. It has made such a huge difference in their ground manners. I can't wait until they are old enough to do the riding exercises as well. Thank you!"

— Mark


"This course opened my eyes to how much was I missing when starting my colts. Thank you for doing this, I've learned a lot."

— Danielle


Why Colt Starting Secrets?

Jake Lundahl

Hi, I’m Jake Lundahl.

In addition to training reiners and cowhorses, I help dozens of clients start or re-train their green horses each year.


While every colt brings a unique blend of personality, energy, and individual quirks to their training, they are all similar in that they need the right foundation to thrive. 

Horses are horses. They are more alike than they are different. And during the first 60 days of training, there are certain universal skills they need to learn. Hit these milestones at the right time, in the correct order, and you build a rock-solid foundation for lifelong success. Miss them, and you open the door to bad habits, safety issues, and years of frustration and struggle.

The unskippable milestones I refer to are the crucial skills, lessons, and habits that ensure a horse will be safe, quiet, confident in his job, and well-prepared for learning advanced maneuvers.

They're like the "beats" of a story arc; like a three-act play or a hero's journey in film. And I've found that when I help a horse owner focus on a specific step-by-step approach to accomplish these milestones — while tuning out all other noise — magical things start to happen. 

Because of my experience starting and training hundreds of horses of all different breeds and ages, I have been able to manufacture success again and again and transform lives for the better. 


How? By keeping it simple.

In theory, foundation training is easy. In practice, it’s hard. Why is it hard? Because there are too many gurus, programs, tips, tactics, strategies, methods, and everything else to know where to begin.

Sometimes, sifting through all of it feels like sorting your kitchen “Where does this go?” drawer.

The reality is, 95% of horse training advice on the internet doesn’t work. You don’t always know which 95% though...

And as the owner of a young horse with a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, your most precious resource—time—should not be spent on fumbling around trying to figure out what doesn't work. You need a proven system to follow right now that delivers safe, consistent and timely results. 


That’s why I created an online course where I teach one elite colt starting approach that works.

My ability to zero in on those critical milestones in a horse's development — and create a streamlined, efficient, and repeatable system to achieve them — has been the secret "edge" in my training program for years.

Now I want to share that program with you. 

It's simple. I show you the techniques and walk you through each exercise, in order, unedited, exactly as I do in real life. I demonstrate using real client horses in my training program, give you a written bullet-point guide to follow, and explain every step in detail so the lessons stick in your brain.

That way when you start training your own horse, you won't be held back by fear and second-guessing. You'll know exactly what to do. 

So, how much?


Just a one-time payment for lifetime access to the material, and you'll never be charged again. 

Why is the price so low?

Because I want to help you by giving you the most impactful information possible at an affordable price.

I make my living, first and foremost, by practicing the craft. By applying this training system with real life horses every single day. I'm eating my own cooking. That's why this training system is so effective, by the way. Because it's grounded in reality. 

So, are you ready to ride along with me?

Here's everything you get for joining today: 


Colt Starting Secrets

60 instructional videos plus step-by-step daily training playbook.

Groundwork, hobble training, first saddling, first rides, cantering on a loose rein, steering and guiding exercises, softening and transitions exercises, advanced body control, and much more!

 Watch anywhere, anytime, on any computer or mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions

"When do I get access to the videos?"

Lifetime access is granted instantly after purchase. You'll enter your email at checkout, which is the same email you'll use to log in and watch the training videos on my site. Upon buying the course you'll automatically get an email receipt with a login link and next steps. 


"Do you have a guarantee?"

Yes, this course comes with a 14-day zero risk guarantee. If you purchase Colt Starting Secrets and feel you didn't get a ridiculous amount more value than you paid for, email us for a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase.


"How do I know if this will work for me?"

Hundreds of students have already bought this course and enjoyed success. That's hardly surprising, since the methods I'm showing you have been tested and proven with every type of horse you can imagine. I've also been teaching horsemanship for 15+ years and coached riders of all backgrounds and skill levels. My entire profession revolves around making this stuff easy to understand and safe to apply, without diluting the actual results. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And knowing the horse industry as I do, I can say with confidence that when you buy Colt Starting Secrets, you get the most sophisticated and effective foundation training program in the world. 


"Is this right for my horse?"

If your horse is between 2 and 5 years of age with less than 30 total rides under saddle in its life — or an older "problem" horse with bad habits who needs a better foundation — then Colt Starting Secrets is the perfect fit. Generally speaking, these methods are intended to be applied with saddle horses and ponies of any breed who are sound, healthy, and of riding age. Several members have used the groundwork exercises to improve the handling of their weanlings and yearlings with great success. However, it must be said that the younger a horse is, the more vulnerable they are and thus, the more mindful you must be of their physical and mental limitations. If your horse is a weanling or yearling and you are considering buying this program, you should contact us directly for specific advice on modifying the groundwork exercises to apply safely with your young horse. 


"I bought other programs in the past and never got any results. How is Colt Starting Secrets different from the other stuff I've tried?"

Unlike other clinicians and gurus, what I'm showing you is not some watered-down, alternate version of my program that's been censored and filtered for mass consumption. It's not a "video library" either where you pay 20 bucks a month to access a pile of random content that lacks structure. With Colt Starting Secrets you're getting a specific, streamlined, step-by-step SYNTAX of exercises that maximize safety, save you time, and yield powerful results. You and your horse will finally benefit from pure, unfiltered, elite level information.


"But if this is so good, why don't you charge more?"

I care about helping horses and people. This course gives me the opportunity to reach and positively impact more lives than I could ever accomplish in person. 

My goal is for better colt starting methods to become the norm across the horse industry, so the information needs to be affordable. 

I'm optimistic that you'll be so blown away by the results you achieve with this series, you might consider hiring me for in-person training or a private lesson in the future. In that case you'll get more "bang for your buck" because you'll already have a head start with my program. I won't have to waste your time explaining the "why" behind everything. We can dive straight into the exercises and tactics that work.


"What if I need help or have questions?"

My info and links to contact me are in the first module of the course. Members get access to my Facebook group, plus several additional avenues to reach out privately (email, private message, 1-on-1 coaching call) for direct and incisive feedback.


 8-week online training program (60 videos over 9 modules)
 Printer-friendly daily training playbook
 Private Facebook community with additional exclusive content
 Lifetime access to all future updates
 Inside look at private training sessions with my clients


Colt Starting Secrets

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