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One-time payment of $229 gets you lifetime access to videos.

Available instantly after purchase for streaming & digital download. 

Watch on-demand & replay as many times as you want, on any device.

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Do Things Right the FIRST Time

Dear Horse Owner, 

You’re about to embark on one of the greatest challenges one can undertake as a horseman. 

Starting a colt is a truly rewarding experience. There's something special about riding a horse that's soft, quiet, responsive, confident and willing; all because YOU trained him that way. To be the catalyst for that transformation — to see it all come to fruition right before your eyes and feel your efforts pay off in such a tangible way — there’s no better feeling. 


But make no mistake — it’s not an easy task. Colt starting is mentally and physically strenuous. It can be dangerous at times. And every moment you spend with your horse, there is responsibility weighing on your shoulders. 


Your horse’s future is in your hands. 


If you guide him through this experience correctly? You’ll build trust, teach good habits, and set a positive tone for the rest of his life and career. 

But if you blow it? You’ll shatter his confidence, teach bad habits, and make it a hundred times harder for the next trainer to undo all the damage you’ve caused. 

So don’t blow it. 

Here are the steps to follow, starting right now: 

  1. Buy this course, log in, and open the Daily Training Guide PDF.

  2. Read that Daily Training Guide cover-to-cover.

  3. Print it out and refer back to it daily.

  4. Watch every video in the course, in the order it’s presented.

  5. Take notes while watching the videos.

  6. Implement what you learn, using the Daily Training Guide to stay on track.

  7. Keep a daily training journal to document your horse's progress.

If you do these things, I promise you’ll be successful. 

You’ll keep yourself safe. You’ll build an incredible partnership with your horse. And you’ll have fun doing it. 

How do I know? 

Because hundreds of students who’ve already taken this course have followed those exact steps and succeeded. 

The same steps I followed to get good at starting colts — good enough to make it my career. 

If you’re not familiar with me, my name is Jake Lundahl. 


I’m a professional horseman, and among the best in the world at starting and re-training horses under saddle.


Not "THE" best — (yet...)


But I'm in the ballpark.


And I didn't get to this level because I'm a naturally talented trainer. I wasn’t born in the saddle with a pair of reins in my hand. Nor do I have a “special gift” with horses. 

The reason I’m good, and the reason I get results for my clients, is because I follow a SYSTEM. 

That proven SYSTEM is the real “secret sauce”.

Not me.


And I’m going to show you this system step-by-step — exactly how I apply it in real life with the horses I train for my clients. 


Because that’s what you're paying me for when you buy this course. 

Because I'm on a mission to help more horses and humans connect, learn, and win at life together.

Because I want to help you and your horse succeed.

The sad fact is, there is so much bad information out there about colt starting today. 

I’ve seen it. I’ve trained at all levels of this industry, from the backyard bush leagues to the realms of elite reining and cow horses. 

And the vast majority of the “colt starting” approaches I’ve seen range from incomplete, to totally misleading — stuff that is actually harmful and is getting horses and owners hurt. 

But the good news is, a better way exists.

A safer, more efficient, and more effective way.


That’s what this course is all about.


I created Colt Starting Secrets for one simple reason: 


To give horse owners like you the “Inside Baseball” on a colt starting approach that actually works, as applied in real life by a professional — someone who’s in the trenches using this system, and whose students are succeeding with it every single day. 

My goal is to strip away the fluff and get down to the raw, gritty, practical reality of colt starting in the real world. I’m handing you a training system that works — a system that delivers a consistent, timely result with virtually any horse you may encounter. 

You may already be noticing some themes that permeate every aspect of this training:

Safety. Doing your homework and not taking stupid risks.
Consistency. Having predictability and uniformity of result across a diverse array of horses. 
Timeliness. Ability to move the horse from A to B in the most efficient manner possible, at the quickest pace they will allow. 

Three things that both ram-and-jam cowboys and tree-hugging barn bitties are equally clueless about. 

And the icing on the cake? 

As I alluded to earlier, you don’t need to be a naturally talented horse trainer to accomplish all this. 

Your success or failure with this course hinges on — quite simply — your ability to follow the steps. It has less to do with your personal level of horsemanship mastery, and more to do with your ability to just follow the system. Checking off each milestone as you go. 
Because you’re following a proven process, you won’t waste precious time and brainpower puzzling over whether or not you’re doing the right things with your horse. Never again will you be worried about missing something, or wondering where you’re at, or what your horse is or isn’t ready for, or what the implications of that might be long term. 

All those distractions evaporate. 

And you can just focus on accomplishing the simple steps laid out in front of you each day. 

Predicting that your horse’s first ride goes smoothly, is like predicting five o’clock at four thirty. 

You're about to watch him transform from an unstarted colt, into a confident and willing partner under saddle.


And you'll learn the exact process to start or re-train any horse — regardless of breed, personality or background — and get big results while staying safe.


Jake Lundahl


That's the biggest theme you'll notice throughout this training series...


Starting or re-training any horse with SAFETY and CONFIDENCE. 


You'll look over my shoulder as I demonstrate the proven, step-by-step formula Amy and I have used to train hundreds of horses over the past several years.


We've taught this approach to horse owners of all levels — from beginners who just bought their first horse, to professionals looking to supplement their colt starting and problem solving experience.


Featuring 60 daily training videos with real client horses in our barn, this course is packed with important exercises, success tips, safety precautions and troubleshooting advice.

If you want practical and authentic horsemanship, this is the perfect series for you.


You'll know how to get better results, faster, and more consistently, with any horse. And that insight is something you'll never lose. You'll benefit from that knowledge for the rest of your life. 

Click here to purchase Colt Starting Secrets, or scroll down to read more and watch a free training session from the course. 

See you in the arena!

What We're Doing

🐴  I'm starting a 2-year-old gelding, a 3-year-old mare, and a 13-year-old problem stallion under saddle.... and documenting their progress through my training program.
I'm filming my sessions from start to finish so you can see EVERYTHING raw and unedited: Groundwork, First Saddling, First Rides, up to as much refinement as we can accomplish in only 8 weeks of training. 
🐴  Other horse owners (just like you) are watching over my shoulder... following along and learning from these daily training videos. 

How I'll Teach You

🐴  We'll go over every step of the process to start or re-train any horse — regardless of breed, age or prior handling — and get life changing results while staying SAFE. 
🐴  You'll get access to this online course with 60 in-depth training videos, where I show you exactly what exercises — in what order — you should be doing to succeed. 
🐴  I'm going to teach you this by DEMONSTRATION. Not theory or long-winded filler.

You're literally going to watch me step in the arena with horses I've never seen before, earn their respect and attention, and start building the ULTIMATE foundation of trust and confidence. 

🐴  The first few days we'll focus on gaining control of our horse's feet, setting the right tone for our new relationship, and establishing critical "safety checks". We want to ensure our horse is well and truly prepared for his first ride! (This is super important as you can imagine). 

🐴  Then we'll move on to teaching our horse to be safely and willingly guided under saddle. I'll show you how to do that through a series of SUPPLING and IMPULSION exercises, unlocking more advanced skills as we go. (You know... the FUN stuff!)

🐴  I'll show you EVERYTHING. No editing, no fancy setup or glitzy production value... just raw, authentic horsemanship. You'll see these horses at their most vulnerable stages (confusion, resistance, bad habits, etc.). But you'll also see how rewarding this process is, as we build each horse's confidence and bring them up to their highest level of ability. Experiencing that transformation is the reason I live and breathe horsemanship every single day, and I want to share that with you! 

Important Disclosures

🐴  To get the most value out of this course, you need internet access via phone, tablet or computer to watch the video content. 

🐴  You also need MENTAL TOUGHNESS and a realistic attitude. Some horse owners believe you can teach transformational, life-changing skills to a horse without them ever getting sweaty or losing a little hair off their back foot. If this is your belief, then this project isn't for you.

🐴  I'm giving you my proven formula for re-training problem horses and starting colts — EXACTLY how I apply it in real life.

🐴  I make my living by practicing the craft, exactly as shown in this course. This is not bleeding heart, foo-foo theory to sell books and seminar seats. I'm showing the gritty reality of training horses at this level. You'll see me perform "under the gun" of time constraints, budgetary constraints, the threat of injury, and the pressure of real client expectations.

🐴  And the skillset I'm going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN: 

How to Bring a Horse Up to the Highest Level of Ability, in the Shortest Amount of Time.

🐴  That's something every horse owner on the planet wants to do, but relatively few know HOW. The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever. 

The Cost

🐴  The cost of this extensive 60-video training course is only $229

🐴  This is a one-time fee. You get lifetime access to the material and will never be charged again. 

🐴  That's a tiny investment to audit an 8-week-long horsemanship clinic, with rapid-fire information and new concepts rarely captured on film. ​You'll learn my entire process for starting or re-training a horse, and putting them on the fast-track to success. 
🐴  To put this in perspective, my training fee for horses in this program is around $5,000 — You're getting to watch this process for just $4 per day.
🐴  The one-time fee is just to make sure you're a real person who will take this information seriously. And if you use it, that you use it in the way it was intended. I don't want trolls and freeloading idiots getting access to my program, taking things out of context, and getting themselves (or their horses) in trouble. 
🐴  The other reason for the low cost is simple: I want to help you WIN. I want you to see my entire training process in a real-life context, understand it, get value from it, and use it to better yourself and your horses.

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8 Weeks of Training for Only $229

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  • 60 Instructional Videos:

    • Groundwork​

    • Hobbling

    • First Saddling

    • First Rides

    • Loping on a Loose Rein

    • Steering & Guiding

    • Softness Exercises

    • Transitions Exercises

    • Advanced Body Control

  • Bonus Video Content

  • Access anywhere on computer or mobile device

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About Jake Lundahl


Jake's mission is to make advanced horsemanship accessible. He has a long track record of helping people create better partnerships with their horses. Having apprenticed under world-renowned practitioners in the natural horsemanship and performance horse industries, Jake's approach combines the "best of both worlds", with the aim of bringing each individual horse and rider up to their highest level of ability. 


Jake and his wife Amy teach horsemanship lessons and clinics all over the United States, and mentor riders around the world through their Horseman's Academy program. At their facility in Ohio, they consistently transform green or problem horses into relaxed, confident, trustworthy partners that anyone can ride successfully... using the same approach you'll learn during this 8-week training. 

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